How to use this website

This site has been developed by our local Integrated Health Board and partners across the health services and local authorities in Humber and North Yorkshire. The idea is that any professional who interacts with children, young people, and their parents and carers can use the site to get advice themselves, and to signpost people to high quality information and guidance. This way, the advice professionals are getting and the advice young people, parents, and carers are getting will all match up.

It is designed to be used by all sorts of professionals, from midwives to GPs, education and childcare staff, dieticians, health visitors, hospital staff, NHS 111 clinicians, pharmacists, school and children's nurses, and many more.

You can send a link to any page on this website to any parent/carer, young person, or other professional. Simply go to the page you want to send and click the yellow "SMS Share" button at the top of the screen. You can then enter the phone number and click send. The Integrated Care Board does not collect any personal information from the use of this function, and more information on how it works can be found in our Privacy and Legal Policy.

You can also add our website to your phone's home screen.

In the Professionals tab you will find;

  • Clinical Assessment and Management Tools for use in clinical settings for different conditions, giving advice on what to look for and what to do next.
  • Safeguarding information across the Humber and North Yorkshire area, linking to referral information.
  • Information on Local Services page, which is a directory of lots of services across all of our six places. This is a really useful page to turn to if you want to signpost a parent or carer to other healthcare or local government provided services, or just want to find out what's available in the area.

In the Pregnant/New Baby tab you will find;

In the Parents/Carers tab you will find;

In the Health for Young People tab we've put a range of links to key websites for young people to use. Our Advice and Support section has a list of some of the best websites locally and nationally for young people to turn to for support and more health information.

Page last updated on: 09th May 2024